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Sound Engineering Faculty

Number of Requirements

4 & 4

Key Responsibilities:

Recording Arts
  • Should be strong in fundamentals of sound, basic electronics, Decibels & Metering and Digital Technology.
  • Good knowledge of Microphones / Mic'ing techniques and multi-recording techniques.
  • Should have knowledge in mixing consoles and signal flow
Electronic Music Production
  • Experience in Music Production / Teaching or Working Experience in Softwares like Protools, Ableton, Cubase and Fruity Loops, Logic.
  • Knowledge in Audio / Midi Effects
  • Familiar in mixing and mastering
  • Should have worked in Audio Post-Production for 2-3 years, Knowledge in Editing Dialogues, Dubbing, Location sound, Audio Restoration, Foleys 5.1 Mixing and Mastering in Softwares Like Pro Tools, Cubase Or Nuendo.
  • Experience in Studio, Home theatre and Theatre designing
  • Familiar in various material and its properties used for Acoustics
Live Sound Engineering
  • Working Experience in Live sound engineering for 3 years
  • Knowledge In Various Softwares Used for Tuning, Rigging and Calibrating Sound Systems.


Diploma in sound engineering and any graduates.


5 years of experience

Job Location

Delhi, Hyderabad

Employment Type:

Full Time

For More Details:

Contact HR @7036004000 / 9515141812
You can also send your resume/portfolio/profile to