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Today, event managers are required at almost every function be it fairs, concerts, press conferences, kitty parties, product launches, and the list is endless.Event management course trains you to be the kind of visionary who has their eye on the ball and delivers on the promise you make to your client.This course will help you in event planning, roles and responsibilities, event coordination, event marketing, event budgeting.

Be the star and rock the show! Get ready to create events the world will talk about.

PATSAV Now Offers Attractive Course Fee for Online Study with Flexible Installments

PATSAV is India’s Top DJ, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Live Sound, Event Management College since 13 Years. In Course of the current COVID-19  Pandemic Patsav is running successfully Online Event Management Course. Patsav Experience and Academic Capability has Enabled to design new methodologies to train Event Planning Course Online. 

The Event Management Course Duration is 3 Months Certificate and 6 Months Diploma. Join our online Event Management Course after 12th to Learn the Skills of a Successful Event Manager.







Skills required to succeed as an event manager

Event management constitutes planning at macro and micro level. This plan, then needs to be put into action by tying up with all stakeholders in the chain to deliver a hiccup-free conduct of the whole show. Here we are going to talk about…

What do event managers do? How does PATSAV help?

Event management, as we spoke of in our last blog, is all about planning each detail and execution of large scale events. Here we shall talk of what exactly does an event manager do. a. Planning of events: An event manager has the overall…

Event Management is booming and could be a great career choice

Event managers are professionals who have the know-how of planning, managing and executing large scale events on behalf of the hosts. Event management is an exciting and growing field and covers both private and corporate functions – concerts,…



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