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In the Media & Fashion industries, photographers can aspire to careers that are high paying, glamourous and also offer opportunities to become a celebrity yourself. The aim of the course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional photographer or as a keen hobbyist. The course is for those who have a flair and interest in photography .
The core modules covered in this course are handling of professional equipment, Digital photography, Study of Aperture, Depth & Field, Different types of Lenses and importance of lighting in photography and various specializations in photography.
We offer a 1 month advanced certification program as well as shorter hobby workshops and certifications.

Upon successful completion of the Photography you will be awarded a Certification from Panache School of Sound.
You do not require any qualification for joining any of our courses as they are completely skill and talent based. However, to become a successful Music Producer you do need to have passion for music and keen desire to learn the skill.
Anybody above the age of 10 years can enroll for our photography courses.