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Videography Modules

  • Introduction to Video camera & Video editing
  • Camera movements: Pan, Tilt, dolly, track. Simple shot, complex shot
  • Developing shot, Video camera operation.
  • What makes a good short film after viewing and discussing the work of both established and novicefilm makers
  • How to be critical viewers of film
  • How to write and revise at least two short scripts of between 5-10 pages
  • How the various elements of pre-production work, including concept, script, story board, treatment
  • Learn the basics of exposure, white balance, and camera operation of a DSLR
  • How to use other film-related equipment, including a tripod, slider, glide cam, etc
  • How to direct effectively to get the performances they want from their actors
  • How to produce at least four shortfilms
  • How to use digital editing software (we will be using Adobe After Effects, Premiere & FCP)