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Disc Jockey


This course is designed for aspirants who want to be live performing artistes. It is career oriented & imparts industry standard skill training. Students who complete the Pro DJ course can look forward to performing at clubs, private parties, corporate events etc. Course provides training in professional standards of live entertainment performances through recorded music at various events
The course provides subject knowledge from the very basics of beat matching quiding you through the DJ equipment handling process to Music management. Course covers: Studio Practice, DJ CD Player, DJ Mixer, Onsite Training, Media Promotion, Radio Promotion, Workshops, Guest Lectures, DJ War Syllabus, Music, Internship, Profile Building, Personality Development, Grooming and Styling.
The hobby level courses start from a basic level program of 1 to 2 month. The professional DJ programs start from 4 months and can go upto 8 months depending on the level of course and depth of subject knowledge.

In todays entertainment scene, no party is complete without a DJ artist. Hence, the scope and opportunities are vast. But one needs to understand that DJing is not a full time job, it is aimed at being a professional freelance career. Hence, A DJ gets paid for every event/assignement that he/she takes up. On a monthly basis a start-up DJ should be able to make anywhere between 10,000 to15,000.
Upon successful completion of our professional course you will be awarded a Pioneer Pro DJ certification which Is the industry standard in the field of DJ-ing. This certification is recognized anywhere in the entertainment industry.
You do not require any qualification for joining any of our courses as they are completely skill and talent based. However, to become a successful DJ you do need to have passion for music and keen desire to learn the skill.
For hobby courses anyone over the age of 5 can enroll. For professional DJ courses preferred age is above 13 years.