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Creativity is at heart of successful work in fields such as acoustics, psychoacoustics, studio engineering, audio engineering, music technology, music composition, and music performance. What we hear with our ears is an essential aspect of human communication whether by speech , music or other sound. Whether they are sounds of nature, or sounds of technology, the properties of acoustics and the way that architectural spaces affect those sounds is woven into every moment of our lives.

Acoustics Specialists work with sound in a professional environment. They are the ones who set up professional audio studios, create right acoustic infrastructure for classrooms, lecture hall and auditoriums and music teaching. Create home theatres and media rooms. Work on board rooms, conferences, video conferencing and call center, Work on temples and places of worship. Also work on acoustic solutions for restaurants, nightclubs, cafeteria, gymnasium, convention center,communication center, casinos, theatres and bowling alleys. The scope for this is huge as the need to deliver amazing sound is absolutely critical.

DURATION : 6 Months Diploma

Introduction to Sound

  • History of Audio Engineering
  • Application of Studio Studies
  • Wave Theory
  • Basic Electronics
  • Decibels & Metering
  • Ear Training

Studio Equipments

  • Microphones
  • Cables & Connections
  • Monitors
  • Consoles(In-line/Split-line)
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Signal Processors(Out Board)

Acoustics & Studio Design

  • Studio Design and Aesthetics
  • Studio Dynamics and Testing
  • Studio Equipment
  • Budgeting
  • Materials and Procurement
  • Studio Setup and Installation

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