Sound Engineering

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Sound Engineering

PATSAV is India’s finest and Most Award Winning Audio and Visual Media Academy offering a 15 month Diploma and 3 Year Bachelors of Vocational Degree in Sound Engineering 

Explore the mechanics of Recording, Mixing and Reproducing Sounds in this unique “Sound Engineering” course.This course will assist you to gain knowledge in the field of Sound, Studio Equipment, Digital Technology, Recording Arts, Electronic Music Production, Mixing and Mastering Technologies, Post Production, Live Sound, Acoustics and Sound Design.

PATSAV Now Offers Attractive Course Fee for Online Study with Flexible Installments

PATSAV is India’s Best Sound Engineering Academy offering a Diploma in Sound Engineering. The primary objective of the course is to provide you with the knowledge and strengthen your skills to carve a career in Audio Engineering, Audio Recording, Sound Recording and Live Sound. Sound Engineering Course is targeted at helping you to get ready  for the Entertainment Industry.

PATSAV is India’s Top DJ, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Live Sound, Event Management Institute since 13 Years. In Course of the current COVID-19  Pandemic and Keeping in mind your safety, Patsav is Successfully Running the Online Sound Engineering Course to learn from the comfort of your home.


Recording Arts

Music Production


Live Sound

Post Production


Mixing & Mastering



PATSAV - Owner's Vision

~ A vision of the future so clear, it produces a passion that makes your fears disappear~ 12 years in the industry and counting. PATSAV’s vision has created the right ecosystem for aspiring musicians to succeed. Blending in art with…

How to succeed as a Freelance Sound Engineer

A sound engineer uses electronic and mechanical devices to copy, mix, and record sounds. Sound engineering involves using a variety of devices to record sound – an electronic mixing Board (Console Board), which includes a number of buttons,…

How to start and maintain a flourishing Sound Engineering career

If you have a passion for music and enjoy working on electronic equipment, then VOILA – a career in sound engineering may just be the right choice for you. Sound engineering is hot and happening, there is more demand for it in the market…

9 reasons to be a Professional Sound Engineer

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Ideate, Create, and make Music....

Music technology is a whole different ball game and is a career choice that has its rewards and recognition. If you are someone who is "hooked" to sound or audio, then music technology is a career option. It is a niche field where you…
Blog - Sound

Welcome to Sound Engineering

What does a sound engineer really do? A sound engineer also known as an audio engineer is a trained professional who has to work around and with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound. A sound engineer is definitely not…



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