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Electronic Music Production

CREATE, SHAPE, AND MOLD SIMPLE MUSIC into a timeless treasure with Music Production Skills.

Music Producers and Music Directors are required at almost  every place where there is a need to Arrange and Create Music. Electronic Music Production is one of the most creative and challenging fields of Art and Entertainment.

At PATSAV we are consistently developing Innovative Curriculum that encompasses both analog and as well as Digital Recording for Film Audio Post Production,Live Show Music Production, Radio, Television, Gaming, Animation & More

PATSAV Now Offers Attractive Course Fee for Online Study with Flexible Installments

PATSAV is India’s Top DJ, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Live Sound, Event Management Institute since 13 Years. In Course of the current COVID-19  Pandemic and Keeping in mind your safety, Patsav is Successfully Running the Online Electronic Music Production Course to learn from the comfort of your home.

We teach Electronic Music Production with the choice of DAWS (Digital Audio Work Stations) such as Logic Pro X, Ableton and FL Studio.


FL Studio


Logic Pro



Event Venue Selection: Where's the party at?

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How to be an EDM Producer? Everything you wanted to know about careers in EDM

If you love to create, shape and mold simple music into a timeless treasure then Electronic Dance Music Production is definitely your cup of tea! Music is love itself – it is the purest, most ethereal language of passion, showing in a thousand…

Ideate, Create, and make Music....

Music technology is a whole different ball game and is a career choice that has its rewards and recognition. If you are someone who is "hooked" to sound or audio, then music technology is a career option. It is a niche field where you…


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