Live Sound – Recording Arts

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Recording Arts

  • Analog Tape Recording
  • Hard Disc Recording
  • Multi Track Recording using
  • Protools
  • Microphones & Micing
  • Techniques
  • Signal Flow
  • Editing Tools & Techniques
  • Midi Protocol

DURATION : 6 Months Diploma

Only at Professional Hubs

A live performance by an artiste is an altogether different experience for the audience. The excitement, energy, showmanship and improvisation fill the air with an undeniable buzz. It’s truly a rush of adrenaline that overcomes all emotions. While the spotlight is on the performer, the truth is that the fantastic performance is possible thanks only to the hard work, planning and technical skill of the people working behind the scenes. Because it is they who build the stages, program and run the lights, set up microphones and balance the audio and make sure everything looks and sounds just right for the audience.

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