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The course exposes you to the theory and operation of the recording and mixing equipment in a studio. Working with live musicians in a real recording session environment will help develop creative production skills in sound design, artist collaboration and the necessary etiquette.

For your music to impress label executives, DJs, and listeners, the audio mix plays a critical role. This course enables you to access professional sound engineers who will break down the process and demonstrate exactly what is required to make your music grab attention.

DURATION : 6 Months Diploma

Introduction to Sound

  • History of Audio Engineering
  • Application of Studio Studies
  • Wave Theory
  • Basic Electronics
  • Decibels & Metering
  • Ear Training

Studio Equipments

  • Microphones
  • Cables & Connections
  • Monitors
  • Consoles(In-line/Split-line)
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Signal Processors(Out Board)

Digital Technology

  • Basics of Digital Audio
  • Bit Rate
  • Sampling
  • Digital Storage Medium
  • Midi
  • Digital Consoles

Recording Arts

  • Analog Tape Recording
  • Hard Disc Recording
  • Multi Track Recording using
  • Protools
  • Microphones & Micing Techniques
  • Signal Flow
  • Editing Tools &

Mixing & Mastering Technology

  • Mixing Strategy
  • Equalization Types and Techniques
  • Audio Dynamics
  • Creative Effects
  • Transitions & Delay
  • Signal Flow
  • Plug-ins
  • Automations
  • Mastering History & Process
  • Mastering Standards

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