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Your Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best DJ Academy Institute

Back in the days, aspiring to be a DJ artist and working in a club wasn’t considered a sustaining or a lucrative career choice. Luckily, things have changed over the decades. We can attribute this to the growing global corporate companies in the city that have attracted, people from different cultural backgrounds. There’s a clear […]

You don’t need to be a DJ to be a VJ

The concept of a VJ or ‘Video Jockey’ was popularized by the Music Television Network or the MTV in the 1980s. As opposed to a DJ or a Disc Jockey who plays and manipulates his collection of music to suit the moods of the audience, a VJ on the other hand is an announcer or […]

Live your passion with your profession!

Gone are the days when people lived a single career life. With the current changing scenario, people have had to pursue a career that brings in the money despite having to compromise on their passion or hobby. Not any more! You can now live and practice your passion along with your mainstream career that gets […]

PATSAV – Nothing but the BEST!

PATSAV has today become one-stop shop for various careers related to the music and entertainment industry. Some of the other courses offered by PATSAV include courses in Disc Jockey, Music Production, Visual Photography, Event Management and Music Instruments, Sound Engineering and Music Technology among others.   PATSAV has been delivering excellence in academic, training and […]

Make ‘Music’ a part of your life

Music, an element of nature is known to share an intrinsic relationship with mankind. Be it spiritual, celebrations or even moments of despair, music plays a special role. Experts have been quoted saying that ‘Music’ has the power to change lives as it has a direct connection with human psychology. People not only laugh with […]

Let the Divine Music Play

It’s Janmashtami today, the birth of Lord Krishna, one of the most popular and adored God, for his special, creative and mischievous ways of life. Born at midnight, his birth has special significance as it personifies breaking of all obstacles in life and moving towards a new beginning. Indeed! A true source of inspiration and […]

9 reasons to be a Professional Sound Engineer

Sound Engineering forms the basis of the audio and music industry and the demand for trained professionals in this field is only rising. Taking up the right course that has a curriculum encompassing analog and digital recording, live show music production, audio post-production for films – television – radio, animation, gaming and much more is […]

Sneak Peak into the Gachibowli Campus

PATSAV, India’s finest Visual Media School provides an environment that is targeted at helping you get ready to take on the world. It is a visual media and entertainment school that offers students much more than a detailed course and recognized certification. The specially designed professional curriculums provide an in depth understanding of the various […]