Music, an element of nature is known to share an intrinsic relationship with mankind. Be it spiritual, celebrations or even moments of despair, music plays a special role. Experts have been quoted saying that ‘Music’ has the power to change lives as it has a direct connection with human psychology. People not only laugh with music and cry with music but they also learn with music. Besides, ‘Music’ cuts across age groups. Be it a kid, a teenager, a young adult or an elderly, ‘Music’ attracts and distracts everyone equally. Indeed! Music has the potential to bring out the best in a person.


Not just philosophically, ‘Music’ has been scientifically known to impact people’s lives. It is also been used as part of therapies to cure certain ailments and enhance performances. Especially in cases, which are sensitive, that involve application of mind and where harsh or strong modes of cure cannot be implemented, ‘Music’ comes to the rescue. Simple example would include teaching a 2 – 3 years old kid English alphabets. AV content that has an element of music in them makes it easier for the child to learn the alphabets. There are many such examples wherein ‘Music’ has been used scientifically. Some of these include:


1. Improves memory

Just like a child who finds it a lot easier learning the basics of a new language the musical way, converting tough lessons into small musical paragraphs helps students to learn and memorize difficult content. For example, students are known to learn and remember the periodic table of elements through ‘Music’. Besides, we tend to remember the lyrics of songs very easily unlike many other verses, again thanks to the element of ‘Music’. Thus, ‘Music’ definitely plays a very important role in improving memory and helping people across age groups to remember some of the most difficult of things the easier way.

2. Enhances workout

Music is known to have a strong impact on the adrenal gland. When you workout, you give your 100% to achieve the desired results. However, when you combine your efforts with ‘Music’ that you like to hear, it acts on your adrenal gland and further boosts your capacity, thereby, not only increasing your capacity but also helps you enhance your performance during your workouts sessions gradually. Besides, for those who belong to the reluctant clan, ‘Music’ sets the mood for them to workout.

3.  Cures insomnia
Don’t we all remember our Mothers singing the lullaby to us when we were kids so that we could fall off to sleep? Of course, we all do. That’s what ‘Music’ can do for us. Yes, this traditional way is today also used by Doctors for their patients to a great extent in cases of insomnia. ‘Music’ is known to calm the nerves and mind. As a result, it smoothens out the stressed muscles, thereby, helping your mind to relax and thus, fall off to sleep. A natural way to induce sleep, it helps you to stay away from the harmful affects of the tablets.

Further, ‘Music’ directly affects the mind. It has a strong connection with a person’s psychology. It can also be used to trigger emotions and actions in a person. The fact that the sound effects we hear in movies, games, shows, etc. can make a person laugh or cry or induce other emotions in the person is enough to prove this connection. If used appropriately, it can be used as a strong tool to make a person strong mentally. It can help change the outlook of a person completely towards things in life. Some of the benefits that ‘Music’ has on the psychology of the person include:

a.     Mood changer

On special days like Independence Day or the Republic Day, when we hear patriotic songs, doesn’t our heart also get filled with similar emotions? Don’t we all undergo this experience everytime we hear such songs or watch such movies? Similarly, when we hear romantic songs, don’t we experience similar emotions within ourselves too? We all do. Why? It’s the ‘Music Magic’. Yes, ‘Music’ is a great mood changer. There are many such examples in our day – to – day lives when we all need a mood change and we resort to ‘Music’ for that.

b.     Fills optimism
Not just changing the mood, ‘Music’ also has the power to lift your spirits when your shoulders are drooping. It can fill you with optimism and positivity. It can show you light even in the darkest of phases in your life and fill you with hope. We have seen movies like ‘Chak De’, ‘Dangal’ and many more and the kind of impact they have on our minds. In times of despair when you feel down and out, if you listen to songs that are motivating, you automatically begin to get out of the depressing state of mind.
We are all connected with ‘Music’ in one way or the other. Our lives, directly or indirectly are influenced by ‘Music’ to a great extent. Our genres may vary, our choices may vary, but what does not change is the impact it has on our minds; the positivity it brings in our lives. Be it spiritual, motivational, romantic, patriotic or any other form of emotion, ‘Music’ just sets the stage and makes you ready to take on the world. Undoubtedly, ‘Music’ has the ability to impact our psychology the scientific way.
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