Sound Engineering forms the basis of the audio and music industry and the demand for trained professionals in this field is only rising. Taking up the right course that has a curriculum encompassing analog and digital recording, live show music production, audio post-production for films – television – radio, animation, gaming and much more is sure to equip you with all the skill sets required to a make name for yourself in the music and entertainment industry.

Besides, being attached to the music and entertainment industry, this field brings with it a host of perks and benefits that professionals in this field enjoy:



1. Be a part of a vibrant entertainment industry:

Entertainment industry, both in India or abroad is extremely dynamic and the rate at which it is growing, it throws up new opportunities every day. With opportunities come challenges, and it is these challenges that brings out the best creativity from among its professionals. It is this dynamism of the music and entertainment industry that makes it such an attractive proposition for all aspiring sound engineers. Besides, in today’s times, where music has its own recognition, and sound engineers are awarded for their contribution, the name and fame that comes attached with success in this industry is indeed worth the efforts.

2. Be a part of the elite class – work with movies / TV / radio / media  

In the last couple of decades, television and radio have undergone a transformation. From being virtually dead or mundane, they have revived and have emerged as the main sources of entertainment. Whether they are 24 hours news channels or the daily soaps on general entertainment channels that have shows running all 7 days a week, opportunities for sound engineering professionals have only multiplied manifold. Besides, other forms of creative outdoor media / on-ground activations for Brands, online media and the likes have opened up newer avenues for sound engineering professionals. Not to forget, the most loved and the traditional medium of entertainment – movies. They have too, undergone a transformation in terms of the kind of sound effects now used as compared to earlier times. You, thus, get to be in the company of the elite class of Directors, Producers and Actors.

3. Placement are aplenty

It is not just quality, but also quantity that has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. Be it the number of movies that are released every year to number of 24×7 channels – news or general entertainment or sports or newer forms of advertising or even events that are organized including award functions, sports events (IPL, etc.) among others have only increased in number. With this has increased the need for more number of trained sound engineers. Thus, there are plenty of placement opportunities in the market, both in India and abroad and this is expected to only keep growing.

4. Pay is good

Sound forms the basis of any form of communication. From movies to radio to television to online or any other media, it is the sound that sets the stage for the success of a product or a campaign. With crores of money invested in all these projects globally, where sound forms one of the most important elements, it goes without saying that investments in getting the right sound is also bound to be high and substantial. As a result, skilled sound engineer professionals too, enjoy a high remuneration in the industry.

5. You can work across any industry

Sound engineering is not restricted to one genre of entertainment. It is not just the movies that utilize sound effects but a host of other media too. Animation studios, gaming – one of the million dollar and fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry, radio channels – where it is the sound effects that run a movie in your mind are some of the many options available to a sound engineer to choose from. The scope indeed is unlimited and the work atmosphere electrifying.

6. Work at your own pace 

Sound engineering is a creative field and thus, you not only get your own space but also you work at your own command. Yes, while deadlines for projects have to be met, it is completely upto you, how much work you take at hand at a particular time. This is one profession, where you can go on a holiday without worrying about finding work when you come back because opportunities are aplenty.

7. Love what you do

Music for most of us is a passion. Therefore, taking up sound engineering as a profession gives you the opportunity to turn this passion into your profession.

8. Sound engineers are rare

There is a big gap between the demand and supply in this industry. With the continuing exponential growth in the music and entertainment industry globally, the number of skilled sound engineers available is way below the requirement mark. While some may be skilled in sound recording and editing, and some in post – production, the entire package that is required as a sound engineer is rare to find. Hence, the scope is huge and opportunities are many.

9. Travel the world based on your skill 

Sound engineering, as a profession, does not have geographic limitations in this world of globalization. Besides, thanks to the power of the online world, your work and contribution can receive global recognition, irrespective of your place of business. At the same time, global opportunities can be tapped today from any location in the world. When the two match, there is no looking back for professionals in this stream. Based on your skills and creativity, you can leverage opportunities from all corners of the world and get opportunities to travel the globe and become a part of some of the most exciting global events.

Sound engineering as a profession has all the ingredients of success attached to it – recognition, reward, glamour and money. However, like all other professions, it demands efforts, creativity, time and commitment. So, if you are passionate about music and want to make it your profession, Sound Engineering is the career for you. Play with music, experiment and create a masterpiece that the world will cherish.

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