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Courses Available at PATSAV

Calling future DJ’s, videographers, musical mavericks, and anyone with an out-of-the-box dream! Times are changing, alternative careers are the new normal. PATSAV is happy to be your launch pad. We’re an award winning Creative School with nearly a decade’s track record initiating successful creative careers. A decade of experience and several awards in Kityy, PATSAV […]

DJing – It’s all about creating Magic with Music!

Scratch, Play, Mix, and fire up the dance floor – that’s what being a DJ is! If you love playing with music tracks and make people dance to your tunes, then DJing is a career option for you. Disc Jockey is a creative field with unlimited global opportunities that brings with it rewards and recognition. […]

Multiple Careers – The New Way of Life

Multiple careers are not a new phenomenon, but their popularity is increasing with everyday. It is becoming the new medicine in today’s fast paced life. In lay man’s terms the concept of ‘multiple careers’ means professing two careers at the same time – one that gives you money but may or may not be your […]

5 reasons to choose Djing as a career

Gone are the days when career choices were limited to the few conventional streams – Doctors, Engineers and CAs among others; when people treaded the professional path with caution, preferring to walk only the tried and tested route. The outlook towards career choices, the way unconventional career options are viewed and promoted has drastically changed […]


Ideate, Create, and make Music….

Music technology is a whole different ball game and is a career choice that has its rewards and recognition. If you are someone who is “hooked” to sound or audio, then music technology is a career option. It is a niche field where you will gain knowledge of various machinery and equipment used for recording, […]

Welcome to Sound Engineering

What does a sound engineer really do? A sound engineer also known as an audio engineer is a trained professional who has to work around and with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound. A sound engineer is definitely not the same as a sound producer, or writer, as they have to deal specifically […]