Music technology is a whole different ball game and is a career choice that has its rewards and recognition.

If you are someone who is “hooked” to sound or audio, then music production is a very good career option. It is a niche field where you will gain knowledge of various software DAWS and equipment used for recording, mixing, mastering and synchronizing music as well as sound effects. The best part about learning these skills are that you can take it up either through Online classes or you can join institutes which provide offline training of FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X.

Music Production has grown leaps and bounds over the last two decades with newer technologies being devised to produce Music of different genres using different tools like Midi Keyboards and all.

It is also a very viable career option as music is required everywhere whether it is a background score, jingles, songs, documentaries, signature tunes or Title Tracks. Market is flooded with offers for trained Music Producers and Music Directors with required skill sets.

Music technology is the stepping stone to being an audio engineer or a music director. There are several facets of learning in music technology like:

  • You will get to learn and work with technical sound equipment in a recording studio
  • You will get to use sound design software to manipulate various audio elements
  • You will become an expert in the art of mixing – voice, sound, and instruments

At Patsav, the most award winning academy for DJ, Music Production, Event Management and Sound Engineering since 13 years we are consistently developing an innovative curriculum that encompasses both analog and Digital Recording for film audio post production , Live show Music Production, Radio, Television, Gaming, animation and more.


~ A vision of the future so clear, it produces a passion that makes your fears disappear~

12 years in the industry and counting. PATSAV’s vision has created the right ecosystem for aspiring musicians to succeed. Blending in art with entrepreneurship, PATSAV provides the perfect platform for creative careers to take off!

Our highly talented CEO and Founder, Navdeep Ahuja, is a well-renowned DJ himself. Fondly known as VDJ NDA, he’s led PATSAV on this journey to becoming India’s Award-winning Sound & Music Technology Academy.

Take a look at our vision in the words of the visionary himself, VDJ Navdeep Ahuja:

1. I want our students to become entrepreneurs and within 2 years earn more than a Software Engineer or an MBA. I want us to make it happen.
2. Keep the interests of the Franchise Partner first. We want them to have a breakeven within record time.
3. As a team member, I want you to double your personal growth year on year.

PATSAV’s journey and foresight has been acknowledged and rewarded many a times over the past years. We continue to spread our wings and extend the scope of our impact each year.

Our strong network includes an academy in New Delhi, two in Hyderabad, and many more in the pipeline. We see a great opportunity to fuel the talent and manpower resource-crunch in the creative Industry. Which is why we are now also in to Franchising. We offer an equal partnership format with excellent ongoing support to all our partners.

PATSAV’s mission is to be a pan India brand by 2022 and an International brand by 2023.

We’re well on our way! Our presence in India has been established and continues to grow.

Globally too, our certifications have been recognised and appreciated. We are a Pioneer Pro DJ Certified School and also listed with the International Audio Engineering Society (AES). Pioneer is also one of our strategic partners and they provide us with high-end equipment.

Our other certifications are by the Media & Entertainment Skills Council and also by the Skill India Initiative. Several of our courses are exempted from tax by the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC).

The courses offered at PATSAV include Disk Jockey, Music Production, Be a YouTuber, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial Development Program (EDP), CRM, Event Management, Live Sound, Bollywood Music Production, Sound Engineering, Vinyl DJ, and Visual DJ.

In addition to the strong academic presence, we also have great professional associations in the entertainment, event management and recording industries. This is a huge advantage to our students as it increases their chances for career success. Some of our courses even offer guaranteed jobs.

Most important of all aspects, the Faculty and Management at PATSAV. The Highly acclaimed DJ Piyush Bajaj is a part of our core management team. Our faculty consists of seasoned experts who have rich industry experience. We believe you can become the best when you learn from the best!

That’s PATSAV for you.

As we continue to grow and innovate year-on-year, our Students, Franchise Partners, and Team Members will continue to be the essence of our vision. Cheers to many more successful decades ahead!


To be a successful 21st-century musician, you’ll need to have a deep understanding of the industry. And more importantly, you’ll need to show a strong sense of business.

When we talk about success here, it doesn’t just apply to large companies. As a musician, be it a performer or a sound engineer, you are like an enterprise in yourself. You create products or offer your services in a highly competitive space. Just great talent does not suffice.

Let’s say you’re an artistically talented person with little business experience. While you continue to nurture your musical talent, have you thought of developing your entrepreneurial abilities too?

You should consider formal training to develop a strong entrepreneurial mindset. We’d recommend choosing a Sound & Music Technology Academy that offers a course in business. That way you’ll get more specific exposure.

The course is commonly known as the Entrepreneurial Development Program (EDP). It offers a perfect mix of academics and experiences, to give you the right career launch pad.

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A good program will include the following elements:

  1. Vision development:

All awesome careers start with a great point of view. The product and service plan come later. A good course will help you develop a strong vision:

  • Something that you believe in.
  • Something that the “naysayers” can’t deter you from.
  • Something that’ll help you ride the highs and lows of business with clarity.
  • Something that caters to your existing and potential new fans.
  1. Profitability:

Passion and talent are essential. But they will only take you so far. To be a profitable professional, you need to have the perfect mix of business models in place. It probably wouldn’t matter so much if you were recording an album just for your personal consumption. When you’re looking to sell your creations, you need to tailor your approach a bit more. Trust the experts to teach you the techniques to make money, right from the word go.

  1. Partnerships:

Even a solo performer doesn’t really work by themselves. If you’re in the business, you’ll understand the long list of mutual dependencies. To pull off a show, an artist depends on sponsors, sound engineers, tour managers, digital marketers, event managers and so on. Any help that you can get with honing your delegation, negotiation and partnership skills will be a huge value add.

  1. Getting off the ground:

An ideal course is one that will help you get your career off the ground. The startup phase can be quite daunting. Once you have your basic knowledge foundation in place, only the right kind of experience can take you forward. Choose an academy that will help you by getting you freelance gigs or other jobs and promote you.

In short, a holistic EDP program leads to the complete professional development of musicians.

EDP Course now in a Center near you

Some examples of the application of these skills include:

• Digital marketing, especially Social Media: Connect with your fans better and multiply your fan base.
• Identifying business funding opportunities: Find the perfect sponsor for your dream gig.
• Event & Theatre management: Ensure all aspects of the show are managed professionally.
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Stay connected with your customers through seamless communication.
• Sales & Revenue Management: Make more money, manage it, and multiply it!

So go ahead and get your EDP diploma to turnaround your existing career or start something new.

PATSAV, India’s leading Sound and Music Technology Academy, offers a great course that you can look up.

Wish you good luck and success!


Live Sound is made up of 3 elements – Technical Knowhow, Talent and Experience.

Live Sound Engineers working in this fast-paced industry are masters at all 3.

The job involves managing the sound at events to ensure perfect harmony between instruments and vocals. It’s a lot more than just checking on the mikes and amplifiers.

A Sound Engineer needs to ensure excellent acoustics even in the most architecturally challenging venues. As you might have guessed, the job demands creativity and a strong understanding of acoustical engineering. At the end of the day, the sound needs to do justice to the performance.

Creating the desired sound for any live event can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Nothing can compare to the adrenaline rush at the event venue. It’s very different from the experience of working with sound in a studio. The mixing desks at live stations also tend to be different from those in big studios.

Live Sound Engineering is the perfect career for all you creative geeks out there. Especially the ones who love the thrill of working in a fast-paced world!

If you’re looking to build your career in this field, it’s best to get started with a comprehensive training program. It’s important for you to have a learning environment that helps you develop not just your technical knowledge, but also your talent.

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Find yourself the opportunity to be immersed in a real-world experience right from the get-go. If you’re in doubt, go back to check if top 3 elements are covered – Technical Knowhow, Talent and Experience.

Here’s a list of areas to gain expertise on:

  • Equipment (Amplifiers/Speaker/Crossovers)
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Analog/Digital Mixing Desks
  • Ambiences/Acoustics
  • Instruments & Stage Gear
  • Basic Power Management
  • Equalization & Dynamics
  • Mixing FOH & MOH (Sound Check)
  • Inventory Management
  • Rigging & Trussing

With the right kind of training and experience, you’re sure to hit the ground running!

Live events and performances are also quite a successful revenue stream. In some cases, even more than recorded music. That’s where the opportunities come from!

As a Live Sound Engineer, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. Not to mention, the exciting lifestyle that comes with touring across the globe for events.

Being in the music industry, you can also advance your career by complementing your technical skills with knowledge of music production. This will give you an added edge in the market.

Here are career examples:

• Concert Sound Engineer
• Radio Broadcasting Sound Engineer
• Live TV Sound Engineer
• Sound and Light Technician
• Live Sound Designer
• Live Sound Engineer and Producer

What are you waiting for? Start your journey and enter into this fascinating world of live sound. Come study Live Sound Engineering at our massive campuses across India.

Live Sound Course now available at Hyderabad & Delhi

Get hands-on training to prepare for the real deal. Our course is comprehensively designed to hone your talent and further your technical knowledge. We hire top industry professionals to guide you throughout the course until you land the job of your dreams.

Come on over and launch your music career today!

Event management constitutes planning at macro and micro level. This plan, then needs to be put into action by tying up with all stakeholders in the chain to deliver a hiccup-free conduct of the whole show.

Here we are going to talk about the essential skills that one would need to be a successful event manager.

1. Skill of handling people: The skill of handling people, efficient operational capacities in dealing with varied psycho-social temperaments, is an imperative for success in the field of event management.

2. Good communication skills: As an event manager you must have good communication skills as you have to deal with people from different walks of life. You should be humble while talking to stakeholders but at the same time, not seem like a push-over. You need to be effective and impressive.

Better communication skills not only provide work, but also make your inter-personal associations warmer and stronger. This goes a long way when you are seeking business or giving business to the parties involved.

3. Foresight and calm: An event manager should be alert as well as be creative with the ability to remain unfazed during crisis and look for solutions immediately. He/she should be able to think of any problems that may arise and be equipped to deal with them, if at all, they occur.

4. Networking Skills: Event management is a people to people job. A good word of mouth can help you get great business. So you have to be good at networking, establishing new leads and keeping up with them on a regular basis.

When it is a group performance, every link in the chain is important, and with good networking skills, you know who would be the best in the trade to seek out for a successful conduct of your event.


5. Crisis management skills: Sometimes there is a possibility of a bad situation in the middle of the event due to some kind of obstruction. This threatens to affect the entire event work and if an event manager is not able to deal with it immediately, it could spell disaster.

One bad event and your reputation goes for a toss. So it is important that mentally as well as logistically you are equipped to handle disturbance and obstruction during the course of the event and restore things to normalcy.

6. Teamwork and leadership: An event manager has to lead from the front. He has to motivating, encouraging, supporting and be like a rock to each of his team members.The ability to work as a team and lead the team is very important for an event manager as it is a work in which the contribution of the entire team is necessary at the right time everywhere.

The event manager’s team is his eyes and ears in all places to ensure that there is no weak link in the chain. Organizational skills, motivation and leadership go a long way in ensuring the success of an event manager.


How PATSAV can help you acquire these skills
Some qualities are innate and then some can be built with effective training, right environment and experience. At PATSAV, our event management course is a practical, hands-on learning experience where event managers of various events come and take classes for the students.

There is a practical insight into what goes on behind the scenes. What are the problems that occur and how they are dealt with. How with the passage of time, those who thought did not have the necessary skills, are successful event managers today. How networking works in the business. How you can work as trainees to get a real-time experience.

When there is real time experience speaking, your readiness is that much more real. The curriculum, delivery and experts at PATSAV can help you get a headstart as you build up on your skills to be an event manager. If you think, event management is your calling, go for it. We’re there to help you all the way.


1.Experience guides young blood
PATSAV has more than eleven years of expertise with its Founder Director Navdeep Ahuja himself being a consummate Visual DJ, who is focused on delivering the finest Education in the sound technology industry.

2.A dream line-up of the latest gear
PATSAV has the latest equipment and allows its students to have unlimited all-time access to the gear. Some of the latest in its suite of ‘gadgets’ include:
CDJ 2000 nexus players
DJM 900 nexus 2 mixer
XDJ rx 2 dj system
XDJ 1000 mk 2 players
Pioneer S-DJ 80x speakers
Focusrite 2i2 sound card
Novation Launchpad Mk2
Sennheiser HeadPhones
Native Instruments S8 controller and more.

3.Faculty comprises those already in business
Only professional DJs and Sound Engineers teach as faculty. PATSAV offers unlimited practicals in the latest and the finest equipment which professionals use in the party and entertainment circuits.

4.Accreditations that matter
PATSAV is India’s first school to be accredited Pioneer PRO Disc Jockey affiliation way back in 2008. DJ is a performing arts subject and the courses offered by the institute are certified by Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC) under the Skill India Initiative by NSDC.


5.All classes are AV enabled
PATSAV is totally up with the latest on the sound industry scene and considering that most of the curriculum and training is built around the audio-visual equipment, all classes are audio-visual classes.

6.Best studio facilities
Apart from having classrooms and practice rooms, the students can make use of the best studio facilities. All studios are acoustically treated.

7.International curriculum
PATSAV brings to the curriculum whatever is the latest happening across the DJ world in the international circuit.

8.Employment ready
Trained by the best in the industry, the training is hands-on, using the latest equipment. Little wonder then that you step out of PATSAV and are ready to step in, unfazed, into your professional zone.

9.Opportunities it creates for you
PATSAV has trained hundreds of students and placed them at top studios, nightclubs and enabled them to launch their own businesses too.

10.Award winning institute
PATSAV has a host of awards to its credit, the prime ones being Best Education Centre in Events and Entertainment Education category in 2017 and Peacock Feather Award for Best Music Technology School of India in 2015.