1.Experience guides young blood
PATSAV has more than eleven years of expertise with its Founder Director Navdeep Ahuja himself being a consummate Visual DJ, who is focused on delivering the finest Education in the sound technology industry.

2.A dream line-up of the latest gear
PATSAV has the latest equipment and allows its students to have unlimited all-time access to the gear. Some of the latest in its suite of ‘gadgets’ include:
CDJ 2000 nexus players
DJM 900 nexus 2 mixer
XDJ rx 2 dj system
XDJ 1000 mk 2 players
Pioneer S-DJ 80x speakers
Focusrite 2i2 sound card
Novation Launchpad Mk2
Sennheiser HeadPhones
Native Instruments S8 controller and more.

3.Faculty comprises those already in business
Only professional DJs and Sound Engineers teach as faculty. PATSAV offers unlimited practicals in the latest and the finest equipment which professionals use in the party and entertainment circuits.

4.Accreditations that matter
PATSAV is India’s first school to be accredited Pioneer PRO Disc Jockey affiliation way back in 2008. DJ is a performing arts subject and the courses offered by the institute are certified by Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC) under the Skill India Initiative by NSDC.


5.All classes are AV enabled
PATSAV is totally up with the latest on the sound industry scene and considering that most of the curriculum and training is built around the audio-visual equipment, all classes are audio-visual classes.

6.Best studio facilities
Apart from having classrooms and practice rooms, the students can make use of the best studio facilities. All studios are acoustically treated.

7.International curriculum
PATSAV brings to the curriculum whatever is the latest happening across the DJ world in the international circuit.

8.Employment ready
Trained by the best in the industry, the training is hands-on, using the latest equipment. Little wonder then that you step out of PATSAV and are ready to step in, unfazed, into your professional zone.

9.Opportunities it creates for you
PATSAV has trained hundreds of students and placed them at top studios, nightclubs and enabled them to launch their own businesses too.

10.Award winning institute
PATSAV has a host of awards to its credit, the prime ones being Best Education Centre in Events and Entertainment Education category in 2017 and Peacock Feather Award for Best Music Technology School of India in 2015.


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