Music technology is a whole different ball game and is a career choice that has its rewards and recognition.

If you are someone who is “hooked” to sound or audio, then music production is a very good career option. It is a niche field where you will gain knowledge of various software DAWS and equipment used for recording, mixing, mastering and synchronizing music as well as sound effects. The best part about learning these skills are that you can take it up either through Online classes or you can join institutes which provide offline training of FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X.

Music Production has grown leaps and bounds over the last two decades with newer technologies being devised to produce Music of different genres using different tools like Midi Keyboards and all.

It is also a very viable career option as music is required everywhere whether it is a background score, jingles, songs, documentaries, signature tunes or Title Tracks. Market is flooded with offers for trained Music Producers and Music Directors with required skill sets.

Music technology is the stepping stone to being an audio engineer or a music director. There are several facets of learning in music technology like:

  • You will get to learn and work with technical sound equipment in a recording studio
  • You will get to use sound design software to manipulate various audio elements
  • You will become an expert in the art of mixing – voice, sound, and instruments

At Patsav, the most award winning academy for DJ, Music Production, Event Management and Sound Engineering since 13 years we are consistently developing an innovative curriculum that encompasses both analog and Digital Recording for film audio post production , Live show Music Production, Radio, Television, Gaming, animation and more.

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