Scratch, Play, Mix, and fire up the dance floor – that’s what being a DJ is!

If you love playing with music tracks and make people dance to your tunes, then DJing is a career option for you. Disc Jockey is a creative field with unlimited global opportunities that brings with it rewards and recognition. However, to become a professional DJ, training is essential.

Training may range from learning to be comfortable with professional DJ gear, advanced techniques of using DJ softwares like record box, tractor and serato to master the art of mixing music and developing skills required to be a live performing artist. To gear you up with the skills and knowledge required for this dynamic industry, PATSAV offers you three different courses to suit your interest levels. These are designed not only to impart high quality education but also prepare you for the future. In addition, PATSAV offers 2 introductory courses in Visual DJ and Digital Video Jockey.

In order to equip you with all that is needed to become a success at various aspects of DJing, PATSAV (Panache Academy of Technology Sound And Visual arts) covers a number of topics related to this area of study with focus on five key areas including Beat Matching that gives you complete training & practice to master the art of beat counting & matching, fundamentals of music structure – beats, bars & graphs are predominantly explained & illustrated through various music styles; Music Genres – one of the most important part of the course as students undergo training to develop a sense of music and are introduced to various styles of music from all eras to the latest trends to develop their knowledge in these music genres to gain command over delivering an entertaining performance using the right music at the right time in the right place for the right audience; DJ Equipment – hands-on training on top of the line Pioneer equipment which is used all over the world in professional arenas in state-of-the-art studios and gain complete knowledge & technical know-how on the current technology used to enhance the performance of a DJ; Digital Technology where training goes deeper into acquainting students with the current trends in Digital Technology including advances in DJing software & equipment from the best industry names such as Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Novation, Serato and many others and Music Management – the course introduces students to latest techniques used by professional DJs in managing their music through software’s, to prepare for the performance before the event and on the fly.

PATSAV offers professional courses that not only impart high quality education but also prepare you for the future. The objective of these courses is to mentor you, groom you and guide you to become an all round DJ ready to hit the stage straight after completing your training with PATSAV. Some of the equipment that budding DJs get to work with at the school include Turntable, Vinyl Records, DJ Controller / Mixer, Professional Headphones, Laptop, DJ Software, Sound System and Midi Instruments among others. The specially designed professional course provides an in depth understanding of the various technical, operational and theoretical aspects related to Disc Jockeying. The institute provides ample opportunities to practice and hone your skills to perfection.

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