Calling future DJ’s, videographers, musical mavericks, and anyone with an out-of-the-box dream! Times are changing, alternative careers are the new normal. PATSAV is happy to be your launch pad. We’re an award winning Creative School with nearly a decade’s track record initiating successful creative careers.

A decade of experience and several awards in Kityy, PATSAV is ready to expand it’s horizons by launching it’s new campus at Gachibowli, Hyderabad !

1. Disc Jockey

DJ’ing is a niche field with universal appeal. From playing at private parties to captivating audiences at radio stations, any kind of party will require the inimitable skills of a DiscJockey. At PATSAV, you’ll get hands-on industry standard training rocking everything from evergreen tools like the turntable, to old-school equipment like vinyl records, and, of course, the latest sound systems and DJ softwares. Use world-class studio facilities, and start practicing for your DJ debut!.

2. Sound Engineering

As a sound (or audio) engineer, you will be the technical maverick responsible for the mechanics behind recording, mixing and reproducing all kinds of songs and music. Bring out the sounds that musicians and record producers are dreaming of! As the brains behind the sound, you’re not limited to the recording room, you could branch out and become a producer too! There are also endless other venues you can explore, including research in new tech, or even generating sounds for video game consoles.

3. Photography

One of the most competitive fields of our time, Visual Photography is on everyone’s radar as a viable career option! From hobbyists with DSLR’s to amateurs with mobile phone cameras, everyone can be a photographer. But it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. What’s your passion? Fashion? Wildlife? Or something more eclectic like macro or time lapse photography? No matter what your focus area, there are ample opportunities for lateral and upward growth. Photography promises a high-paying glamorous career, so get ready to capture the magic.

4.Music Instrument

Think of the evergreen classics – The Godfather, Gone With the Wind, the Lion King. All of them have the most memorable moving musical scores which have won awards and acclaim and brought the entire story together! The foremost artists of our time, from Pink Floyd to the Beatles, to UstadZakhir Hussain, have turned music instruments into transcedental inspirations and created tunes that ring in our heads. From ads to corporate presentations, from orchestras to even mind therapy sessions, music is everywhere, and instruments are what make it speak!

5. Electronic Music Production

When music isn’t just something that you listen to, but something that runs through your blood and makes you want to make it your own, then this is the career for you. Music production is all about making the best out of music by thoroughly exploring all the technologies and equipment that can make the most out of the sounds you hear. From commercial films and documentaries to album recordings and ad film production, music producers/directors are urgently required in the industry today.

6. Music Technology

This is the perfect stepping stone for someone on the path to being a music director or audio engineer. Going beyond the knowledge of technical sound equipment and sound design softwares, through to the art of recording and mixing, and on to the business aspects of succeeding in the field, this is a one-stop course for artists who want to make it big. Evolving from PATSAV’s extensive experience in the field, this innovative course trains you to acquire all the skills you’ll need to advance your education and career in the entertainment business.

7. Videography

Digital video recording is the buzzword of today’s times, extending beyond mere films to being the backdrop at events, being the backbone of ad campaigns, and, of course, exploding all over the internet. Stories get a unique platform through videos, and this is the field for you, no matter what tale you wish to tell – weddings, wildlife, corporate highlights, or events – the world is waiting to be explored through your lens.

8. Event Management

No longer are ‘events’ restricted to functions such as marriages or rock star shows. Today, event managers are required at everything constituting public entertainment, from managing shows at malls to running high-end kitty parties. The most common events across the world include trade fairs, concerts, product launches, press conferences, family events, and award ceremonies, among others. The challenges at each show are different, but event managers are those who can sort through the clutter and develop ideas for events that are run flawlessly, while being unique and memorable.

So what are you waiting for, Hurry Up!!!

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