If you love to create, shape and mold simple music into a timeless treasure then Electronic Dance Music Production is definitely your cup of tea! Music is love itself – it is the purest, most ethereal language of passion, showing in a thousand ways all possible changes of colours and feelings; and though true in only a single instance, it yet can be understood by thousands of men – who all feel differently. Indeed!


EDM or Electronic Dance Music Production is one of the new concepts that is getting increasingly popular. It is one of the most creative and challenging fields of art and entertainment of the modern world. Music producer or music directors are required at almost every place where there is a need to arrange and create music. Be it nightclubs, discotheques, festivals or even a commercial film or even an art documentary or simply the recording of an album by a band or singer, you just cannot do without electronic dance music. Music has become part of our system and has come to stay with us as part of our lives.



Generally created for disc jockeys and live concerts, Electronic Dance Music has earned recognition and popularity globally. This is good news and extremely encouraging for all those who aspire to make a career in the Music industry. However, Electronic Dance Music production is not just about listening to music and feeling it, but also about living the music, and knowing how to make the best out of it. It implies investment of creativity, passion and the burning desire to create something new and exciting for your audience. And this simply means that knowledge of various equipment and associated technologies are a must.


It is also important to gain hands on experience on industry standard music producing softwares such as Fruity Loops, Logic, Ableton, Cubase and Protools. Besides, one also needs to learn how make electronic music, sound tracks and background scores using such high end softwares.



The music industry worldwide in general is a huge market and has the potential to grow even bigger. To give you a feel of what the big picture looks like, the revenue earned from the music industry globally in 2011 was $16.5 billion. According to IFPI, in 2014, the total earnings were: $15b Recording Industry alone. And this is only set to grow exponentially with each year. Today, the music industry is considered to be ‘An industry of growing digital revenues and multiple income streams internationally’. While it is more of a back stage work, it definitely brings with it recognition and fame too.


Besides, the future of this industry looks extremely bright and promising especially because the music industry is getting digitalized and is transforming at a rapid rate. Today, the digital sales of electronic music is creating new records every year. With the world becoming a single stage, the geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier. International opportunities are as accessible as opportunities in the domestic market. One can get instant access to global audience, thanks to the various online platforms available today.


So, if you are an aspiring music producer and want to know more about the opportunities this dynamic profession has to offer, do enroll yourself for the Electronic Music Production Meetup on February 18th, 2017. Come, interact with industry professionals and understand what it takes to become a successful Electronic Dance Music Producer. Get your queries answered directly by industry stalwarts on the dynamics of this industry, the challenges and opportunities aspiring EDM Producers might have to encounter and successes and recognition that this industry offers.


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