Gone are the days when career choices were limited to the few conventional streams – Doctors, Engineers and CAs among others; when people treaded the professional path with caution, preferring to walk only the tried and tested route. The outlook towards career choices, the way unconventional career options are viewed and promoted has drastically changed over the past decade. With the exponentially growing music and entertainment industry, career options in this industry have gained popularity among the younger generation. Besides, the kind of social culture that this generation is exposed to, also gives them various opportunities not only to unleash their creativity but also to pursue it as their mainstream profession.

DJs today are the heart and soul of every celebration. Whether you go to a club or organize a private party, it is incomplete without a dance floor and a DJ spinning his magic with his music collection. Hence, in today’s scenario, DJing has emerged as one of the most lucrative careers in the music and entertainment industry.

For all those who love music and are considering DJing as a career option, this profession comes packed with a host of benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Allows you to convert passion to profession:

    The modern work environment is extremely challenging and stressful. For those who work from Monday to Saturday for long hours at the office, hardly get time to socialize or pursue their hobbies. One of the very few means of de-stressing for them is music because music is something that touches one’s heart. Most of us feel ourselves again when we listen to music; it just simply has the power to recharge us and gets us tapping our feet. What if you had the means to convert this stress buster or passion of yours into a full time profession? Well, DJing allows you to do exactly that. It allows you to follow your heart and convert your passion to profession. Not only you do what you love, but also earn big bucks for it. Doesn’t it sound cool?

  2. Stardom – glamour and fun – celebrity profile

    With the music and entertainment industry, stardom and glamour follows. The harder you work, the more creative you are, the more you can connect with your audience and play the music that suits their mood, your profile as a DJ only rises higher and higher. You become one of the most preferred DJs not only at private parties but also for Corporate events, Award functions, Shows and the likes at both, national and international level. In the bargain, you also earn fan following, industry recognition, big breaks and most of all job satisfaction, all packed into one.

  3. Creativity unleash

    How many such occasions can you recollect when your boss allowed you to deviate from the set rules and follow your heart? Not many, right? Well, if you become a DJ, it becomes a different ballgame. You become your own boss, you set your own rules and you do just what you like. It allows you to unleash your creativity; try something new every time you perform at a party – different genres, different artists, different combinations; and experiment with the tools that you have at hand, thus, discovering something new every time you hit the floor. And all this, without anybody guarding your reins.

  4. Be a performing artist and an entertainer

    Being a DJ isn’t just about playing with music. Besides the art of mixing and manipulating music, this profession hones and nurtures many more skills within you that are required for becoming a complete entertainer. DJs are no longer behind – the – scene artists. People today, want to know who is the person behind the mixer. Hence, while the DJ has to be good with his music collection, he also has to have a good personality matching the profession, good communication skills and a bit of a psychology bent of mind to understand the moods of his audience. Thus, if you choose to pursue Djing as a profession or a career option, you automatically gear yourself up to become a complete entertainer.

  5. Networking

    Another reason for you to choose DJing as a career option and probably one of the most important aspects of this profession is networking. This is one of the very few professions where you get to meet different people from different cultural backgrounds, coming from different lifestyles and even different geographies. It connects you with people from different sections and professions in the society – from small time party organisers to professionals to business tycoons to celebrities and the likes. These again could be from different professional backgrounds including Doctors, Lawyers, Music Directors, Film personalities, all of whom might bring with them different set of advantages.


These are just some of the varied advantages that this profession brings along with it. You are sure to discover many more as you walk the path. So, if you love music and aspire to become a successful DJ, do not hesitate. Take the plunge and you are sure to love the journey!

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