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Event management, as we spoke of in our last blog, is all about planning each detail and execution of large scale events. Here we shall talk of what exactly does an event manager do.

a. Planning of events:
An event manager has the overall responsibility of flawlessly conducting the event and making the function successful and memorable. That means he/she he has to do a lot of planning.The event managers have to plan the event from start to finish according to requirements, target audience and objectives and come up with relevant suggestions to enhance the event’s success.For the smooth conduct of the function, the event manager has to have a foolproof roadmap and plan accordingly.

b. Reaching out to target audience:
An event manager needs to have a sharp insight into what makes up his target audience. He/she, in collaboration with the client prepares the list of invitees/attendees to the event and from the invitation to their arrival, he/she ties up all the details.
Right from what the words, design and nature of event is going to be, everything will depend on the target audience and the client’s brief on how he would want it to be.The event manager then needs to reach out to the target audience. It could be through phone calls, e-mails, sms, social media messaging. It is important the event manager uses creative ways to reach out to the TA so that he can grab their attention immediately.

c. Selecting the venue:
An event manager, based on the number of the target audience and the nature of the event scouts for the right venue to host the event. Whether it has to be an open ground or a hotel conference room or a hotel banquet hall, will be decided by the event manager.
Based on size and the format of the function, the event manager makes arrangements for hiring the venue. All facilities are an imperative while choosing the venue, these include parking, safety, ambience, temperature control, accoustics, all depending on what kind of event it is.

d. Ensuring services:
There are a multitude of things that go into an event. There is catering, floral arrangements, audio-visual services, staging and lighting, decor for event production, ticketing, transportation, and sightseeing tours for the guests, and much more, depending again on what kind of event we are talking about.
An event manager has to take the delivery of these services into his hands and be able to ensure that all services are delivered without any glitches.

e. Ensuring the comfort of guests:
The event manager has to foresee what the event would look like, what would be people’s expectation at the time of the event. He has to make arrangements in a way that it covers not just the food, entertainment and transportation, but many other things.
For example, if alcohol is being served at the event, an event manager has to be prepared for dealing with any drunk incidents. It may require keeping a few bouncers at the venue during the event.

h. Budgeting and allocation:
An event manager gives an estimate of the budgets needed for the event based on the client’s brief. His past experience, makes him the ideal guy to give cost estimates and tell how the budget is going to be distributed across the various service like transportation, food etc.
He plans the event according to the budget and monitors the flow of money to ensure that the event does not fall short of funds and concludes successfully.

i. Utilising manpower effectively:
Event management is a human resource heavy field. At every step you need people to deliver the service, it could be florists, food companies, sound engineering companies – ultimately the tying up is done all with people, whose efficiency and punctuality on delivery will determine how flawless the event goes.
An event manager needs to know his team very well and understand his colleagues’ skills and utilize them accordingly. He has to ensure that his team members are working to their full potential. When the situation demands, he pulls up his sleeves and joins the hands with his fellow workers. When he finds that something is going wrong, he himself pitches in and handles the situation. He is quick to take decisions and deal with the stakeholders.

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j. Developing good rapport with outside parties:
Since he manages the event, he has the skills to address various stakeholders such as venue owners, media persons, public relations officers, suppliers, third party contractors, experts and sponsors among others.
Thus he develops a good rapport with various stakeholders on behalf of his client and has a good working relationship with them. Moreover, he avoids conflicts with the stakeholders since these people are important for the success of the event.

k. Motivating and instilling team spirit:
Since an event manager is the team leader, he has to motivate his team members to deliver what the situation demands. The success of any event is a team effort and any error at any level can lead to a goof-up.
So the event manager communicates constantly and consistently with each member of his team and gives them solutions when they are stuck. He has to communicate with them and defend them when they are in trouble. He creates an environment for them where they enjoy their work.

How can PATSAV help you become a good event manager
The field of event management is bursting with opportunity. Seeing the gap between the demand and supply of skilled professionals in the field, there are many institutes which offer event management courses. At PATSAV, the event management course involves lectures and training and experiential learning, all delivered by people who are themselves working in the industry.
When you get insights from professionals who have a thriving career in event management, you get the real picture and can garner exactly the kind of skill that makes the industry lap you up the moment you finish your course.
Plus our links with the industry professionals give you a great scope for networking and linking up with people who have a ready place to employ you.
So if event management is your calling, get, set, go. There’s a whole world of opportunity waiting out there for you.

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